Tooltips for indivual cells of a DataGrid

Just recently,  I have been faced with the question on how to add cell dependent tooltips to individual cells of a DataGrid in Silverlight. If you generate the columns by yourself, the task is straight forward by using the appropriate data template for the cell. Something like this:

               <TextBlock  Text="{Binding ColumnProperty}"
                    ToolTipService.ToolTip="{Binding ColumnProperty}"/>

However, if you let the columns be autogenerated by the grid, things are not so straight forward anymore. Tooltips for indivual cells of a DataGrid weiterlesen

WPF Startup Performance

If you are developing a WPF application, you know about the increased startup time compared to native applications. One of the reasons is the time needed for loading the CLR the first time it is used after a reboot, but there are a lot more aspects affecting the time until your application window is shown on the screen and fully functional. Although .NET 3.5 SP1 improved the initialization time noticably, it is worth to understand the pitfalls and to design your application for fast startup and initialization. The following links will provide you some insights information: WPF Startup Performance weiterlesen