iOS View Transition Animation in Wrong Direction

If you transition between two views using an animation e.g. by using the method + transitionFromView:toView:duration:options:completion:, it might be that the animation looks fine if the interface orientation is the standard orientation, e.g.UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait. However, in upside down orientation it can be that the content is displayed correctly, but the transition animation looks like it is not rotated.

The reason for this behavior is that you are trying to transition between subviews of the root view. However, although the coordinate system of the subviews are correctly rotated so that they are displayed in the correct orientation, the root view itself is not rotated. Therefore, the animation on this view is also not rotated.

A possible solution to this problem is to add a new subview into your root view ( with the same size) and move all existing subviews to this new subview so that they are no longer direct children of the root view. Your animated transition is then not applied to the root view but to the new subview and it is therefore correctly rotated.