Links for Software Architects

Over the time, I have collected some links to websites and articles with topics interesting for Software Architects. Since they might be of interest for others, too, I am providing them here for you. If you also have some links which you think are interesting for other Software Architects, please let me know.

Web Sites

Coding the Architecture

„Coding the Architecture“ is a website and community for hands-on, pragmatic software architects. Here you’ll find content and discussion about architecture and the role of an architect, along with our experiences of undertaking that role.

The site is worth browsing through the different articles, providing practical approaches to topics related to software architecture.

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Design Patterns for .Net

The goal of this site is to not only provide a portal to useful and pragmatic software design and career related topics, but to also deliver articles, editorials, presentations, and news on the same.

Although the title of this site reads like providing special guidance for .NET related Software Architecture, many articles cover topics more related to the role of an Software Architect. However, also best practices for designing solutions for special topics are provided.

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MSDN Architecture Center

This Architecture Developer Center is the place to access to all our information without being subscribed to our other channels. You also get blogged opinions from renowned architects (MS architects or external luminaries), 5-to-10-minute videos , and discussion forums where you might share thoughts with your colleagues.
This center is a place where you can get architecture ideas to be implemented either in the Microsoft platform or any other. We will also show you what the current Microsoft platform is and what its roadmap looks like.

Microsoft’s central starting point for architecture related topics.

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Resources for Software Architects

Software architecture is getting a lot of attention. Is it just the silver bullet du jour? We think not. It surely is critical to today’s business success, yet it requires technical, business and organizational talents and skills that warrant their own path of career development, education, and research.

This site organizes a variety of resources to help enterprise architects and software architects deepen and expand their understanding of architecture and the role of the architect.

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Escape Metropolis: Bridging the Divide Between Developers and Architects

The conflict between Planners and Workers in the film Metropolis can serve as a metaphor for the divide between architects and developers in the software industry. A veteran who’s been on both sides has some suggestions for bridging the gap.

What Do Architects Do Anyway?

Presentation from Ron Jacobs, Architect, Microsoft Corporation at the Microsoft Architect Inside Conference 2007